Some government workers have bemoaned the amount of money they are paid as salaries.

Comparing their workload with the high standards of living in the country, the workers believe that they need to be paid better than what they currently receive.

Hannah, a Principal Nurse on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Tuesday disclosed that she receives approximately GH₵4000 as salary at the end of each month.

An amount, she intimated is woefully inadequate to cater for the ever-growing expenses she must meet.

“I need to pay school fees, you need to pay for some domestic expenses, you need to make sure that your car is okay, well maintained and there is enough fuel to cover you for the month.  

“But again, you have other expenses and extended family demands that you need to meet. Against that, you want to save towards the future,” she said.

For Rose who is a headteacher, her responsibilities keep increasing and so does her expenditure, thus rendering her salary ‘peanuts’.

“I started off having not received my salary for almost a year. How was I supposed to take care of myself and other responsibilities? Now, I am a headteacher, I have risen through the ranks and now my earning is better because I have risen through the ranks but still it is not enough.

“This is because at the end of the day, as you rise through the ranks your responsibilities become higher. Families expect more from you, you have become the more ‘responsible one’, so much is expected from you,” she narrated.

The workers indicated that their salary is so little, they can hardly think about saving for a rainy day.

“Saving now is a very big problem because the money itself, before it gets to you, it is all gone. So how then do you save,” Hannah noted.

Rose added, “Whatever we earn, may appear to be enough but it is never enough that is why most public and civil servants have extra work they do to support themselves.”

The workers asked for their salary to be reviewed upward, commensurate with their responsibilities at work and the economic expenditure of the country.

Source: JoyOnline

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