The Deputy Campaign Manager of the National Democratic Congress has challenged the media to call out all politicians that employ violence in their bid to capture power.

Alex Segbefia stated that political actors must ensure peaceful politics in the country not cause and be at the centre of violence.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, he called for objective criticism of violence during all electoral processes by identifying key actors of violence.

“The media is doing us a disservice. It is time that the media takes incidents and name and shame” he told host of Joy SMS, Kojo Yankson.

According to him, media reports must identify perpetrators of electoral violence rather than attributing it to all political parties. He described such reportage as unfair.

There have been recent cases of violence at various voters’ registration centres across the country.

In Banda, things came to a head as both the NDC and NPP accuse each other of busing people to centres to get on the electoral roll.

This led to the killing of a 28-year-old teacher trainee graduate who is believed have been attacked by NPP activists at Banda Kabrono.

Mr Segbefia was commenting on the development as well as the use of vigilante groups in the country’s electoral history.

“You must say that this happened at this place and the NDC or NPP people were involved rather than give it the general view that is coming out…no!” he said.

According to him, the NDC has disbanded all vigilante groups that are associated with it.

He condemned the actions of the thugs who cause a commotion during elections stating that they are not controlled by political parties but elements in the parties.

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