Everybody wants their skin to look naturally beautiful all the time. Which is why in lockdown, they turned to home care and home remedies, in the absence of beauty salons.

Now, more and more people seem to like the fact that their skin is only receiving the best of home care. And as a new week begins, we bring you a simple facial guide that involves a few steps and takes not more than 10 minutes of your time.

Begin by exfoliating your skin. For this, you will need a little bit of rice flour and some milk cream. Both of them are known to work wonders on the face, and together they make an ideal face scrub. Take one teaspoon of rice flour, add some milk cream and mix well. Then massage it on your face and the neck region in circular motions.

Wash your face and then apply a facial cream which will have milk cream, a pinch of turmeric and one spoon of gram flour. The paste will have a thicker texture so you need to massage it evenly on the face, especially the pimple-prone areas. It is likely to absorb all the excess oil from your face while keeping it externally hydrated and clean.

The third and the final step will be the application of the face pack, for which you can mix the milk cream that you already have, with a little bit of honey. Wear it on your face and allow it to settle on the skin. After a few minutes, you can wash it off with normal water, and you will have a salon-like glow on your face.

This home facial can work on many skin types and relieve you of many skin problems like that of sunburn, acne, painful pimples, clogged pores, dull and lifeless skin, premature aging, etc. Try doing this today, and let us know about the experience.

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