It has been yet another week of Kotoko dominating domestic football news, and not for pleasant reasons.

On Saturday’s edition of Sports Review, JoyNews’ weekly news analysis show, analysts were almost unanimous in their reservations of the power play within the club.

Owusu Bempah ‘Ayala’ (Nhyira FM), Collins Atta Poku (Wontumi FM, Kumasi), and Christopher Nimley (a sports analyst) shared thoughts on Nana Yaw Amponsah’s teething problems as CEO of the Porcupine Warriors.

Reports keep coming suggesting he is not seeing eye to eye with the club board. This week, a detailed leak that paints a foul picture of the board has emerged. It is the latest in a series of leaks on sensitive issues about internal happenings.

“Nana Yaw Amponsah must be careful about these constant media leaks,” Atta Poku warned on the show, revealing that a picture has been painted of a petulant CEO whose style is to run to the media at the least opportunity.

“It is true that Kotoko may have ways of doing things that aren’t the best, but Nana Yaw must try to work with what he has and improve on them as he goes, because for now, he is being a cast as a disrespectful young man,” Atta Poku noted.

To buttress this point, Bempah gave an example of a recent sticking point between CEO and board.

“There is a plan to have some infrastructural projects for the club as soon as possible. Nana Yaw has offered a contractor he believes is competent to do the job, but it is said [board chair] Dr Kwame Kyei also has another Turkish company in mind.”

Bempah also agreed with Atta Poku’s admonishment of Amponsah to be careful about the constant media leaks, adding that a communication gap between the club’s administration and fans is not helping matters either. “Kotoko fans always want to be in the loop, and this lack of information is not helping.”

Atta Poku chimed in: “I’m not saying Kotoko fans are gullible, but we’re at a point where any drop of information that comes to them is lapped up as the truth. The CEO must find a way to solve this.”

The Ghana Premier League giants, who have made their intentions of competing in the next African Champions League campaign known, have barely been in the news talking about players and other matters that will help that adventure.

Nimley was blunt in his assessment of Amponsah’s future with the club. “All this begs the question, what is really going on in the club? I have said it elsewhere and will say it again, the marriage between Nana Yaw Amponsah and Kotoko was always destined to fail from the start. The earlier the young man resigned the better.”

The analyst went on to warn the 37-year-old administrator to leave the club for the sake of his fledgeling career in the game. “He has a bright future ahead of him, and if this ends the way I think it will, his career may not recover.”

To this statement, Bempah and Atta Poku agreed, considering the worsening relationships at play at the highest levels of the club.

Which begged the question: what should be the role of Otumfuor, the team’s life patron?

Nimley believes if it must happen, then it should be soon. He also hinted that a resignation may be a better option for Amponsah.

But Bempah was not so sure. “The Kotoko CEO position is not one you can easily resign [from]. Doing that is considered disrespectful to Otumfuor. Nana Yaw will seriously need to convince Otumfuor for that decision to be accepted.”

Atta Poku was unequivocal: “Unless Asantehene intervenes, we are set for a collision course”.

Sports Review, hosted by George Addo Jnr, airs every Saturday at 7 am on the JoyNews channel, which is free to air and also on DStv 421.

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