On the 19th of December 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to declare October 11 as the international day of the girl child.

Since the declaration, the day is celebrated every year to promote empowerment of young girls while also advocating for the attainment of their bodily autonomy and basic human right. The day also recognize the challenges girls face all over the world.

This year the day will be celebrated on the theme “my voice, our equal future”.

Over the years there has been some improvement in the empowerment of the girl child in terms of education but more of this needs be done.

Research has shown that over 130 million girls are out of school worldwide, one in three girls is married in the developing world before reaching their 18th birthday.

Ghana has seen some improvement in girl’s education, but studies have shown that on average girls stay in school for only four years dropping out as a result of pregnancy, early marriage, sexual harassment, poverty, cultural perceptions and other hindrances.

The improvement in girls’ education in Ghana emanates from the steps taken by governmental, NGOs, and donor agencies working together to educate and empower girls, I believe the steps have been in the right direction.

When girls are educated, a country’s productivity and economy grow, we have stronger families and communities, they earn higher income, better health care and education for their children, reduced maternal death, reduced teenage pregnancy.

These benefits to the girl child are what every country needs in its economical and developmental growth.

As we celebrate this year’s international day of the girl child on the theme “my voice, our equal future,” let’s listen to their voice as they cry out for protection, right to  education,  right to health care, right to life, reproductive health care

The girl child is positive about the future, lets help them to secure their future by shielding them from sexual abuse and exploitation, gender-based violence, child labour, female genital mutilation

Many thanks to the government, Non -Governmental Organization (NGO), Donor agencies, individuals who are working to educate and empower the girls in Ghana and beyond to become leaders of change in the world. God bless you.

About the author:

Nana Adjoa Denkyi is passionate about mentoring and educating young ladies to become leaders of change. She currently works with an NGO in Accra which promotes girls education and empowerment.

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