Director of Institutional Care Division at Ghana Health Service has said that a successful surgery to separate the siamese twins conjoined at the head, would boost the faith of Ghanaians in the health system.

Medical doctors at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge) are racing against time to separate two-month-old conjoined twins, named Bansah babies.

According to Dr Samuel Kaba Akoriyea, if this surgery ends well, it will place Ghana’s name on the world map as a destination for modern medical expertise.

“And this would be the starting point of Ghanaians not having to travel out of Ghana on daily basis to get medical care which costs so much. Even when you take their hotel bill alone, it’s so much,” he said.  

He spoke on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Friday. The discussion was centred on throwing more light on the condition of the siamese twins who are conjoined on the head and raising funds to pay for their surgery.

This is the first time the doctors in the hospital will conduct such a specialised operation. An amount of three million Ghana Cedis (GH¢3,000.000.00) is needed for the surgery that would enable them live independently.

Being the Neurosurgeon at the Ridge Hospital, Dr Kaba believes that with compassion, passion and support from all and sundry, the surgery can be done.

Due to the complexity of the surgery, he said the medical team at Ridge Hospital sought help from various stakeholders at the international level to brainstorm on how to proceed with the procedure.

“We went out there. We consulted experts. People who have had the opportunity to do this kind of surgery in the United States, the UK, India, Brazil, South Africa. We consulted, we shared the images with them and we looked at everything. And everybody said that look, it is an enormous task, but it can be done.” 

He said that the reason they are so enthusiastic and encouraged to perform this surgery is because of the support they are getting from everywhere.

“Should there be a given moment that we believe that we’re not getting the best of the best of equipment we need, and there’s the need for the children to be flown out of Ghana, that is also an option on the table.

“We’ve also consulted the Ministry of Health and other government authorities, and they are all willing to support us.”

To help raise the needed funds for the surgery, one can contribute via mobile money to the father of the twins, Samuel Addo.

  1. MOMO 0552613553
  2. Airtel Tigo -0270007786

One can also contribute via bank transfer through Ministry of Health, Ridge Hospital No.1 Account [Bank of Ghana].

Source: JoyOnline

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