Farming improves on food security and also stimulates economic growth.

However, lack of time and resource to go to the farm site to monitor the conditions of the farm and motivation to manually irrigate the farm deter many from partaking in this venture.

Fortunately, two computer science students at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Isaac Junior Ampah and Blaise Ayindingo have developed a smart farming system to curtail these problems.

The smart farming system uses sensors to determine the moisture content in the soil and activates the irrigation system when the soil moisture is very low.

It checks for the amount of water left in the reserve tank and tops up if the tank is low on water.

Live Monitoring: This system provides the climatic and soil conditions of the farm to the farmer through a mobile app.

Intelligent Fire Prevention System: This system uses sensors to determine if smoke is present on the farm and automatically activates the irrigation system till the smoke dissipates from the farm

To learn more about the App and join the waitlist for its release, partners, stakeholders, or investors can visit

Source: JoyOnline

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